Church of Our Lady – Vértesszőlős

According to Jankovics’s chronicle of John of Nepomuk, the Vértesszőlős church was built in 1671. Its tower was only added later, in 1751. The church was consecrated in 1792 in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary, at which time, the church also received vestments from Count Ferenc Esterházy, which are still preserved today. The pulpit and the Mary altar currently found on the right side of the transept were brought from the demolished Camaldolese Order church in Majk to Vértesszőlős. The organ was created in 1844 by János Sachs, Komárom organ builder. In 1955, the Vértesszőlős worshippers built a Lourdes cave under the balcony opposite the stairway leading to it from locally mined limestone in honour of Mary. Painter József Samodai painted the new high altar a secco fresco. The old altarpiece, made in 1870 in Vienna, can still be seen on the side wall of the sanctuary.

Address: 2837 Vértesszőlős, Templom u. 49.
Further information: 06-30/339-8612
The church can be viewed by groups, please phone ahead to make an appointment:
Tibor Nagy 34/379-209 or Norbert Zachara 34/379-191 and 30/276-8557

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