Calvary – Tata

In the Middle Ages, the church of the Benedictine Abbey village, named after ST IVAN (John the Baptist who was called St Ivan in old Hungarian), stood at the top of Calvary Hill. The ruined Romanesque church was demolished in 1754, Jakab Feller expanded the truncated walls of the sanctuary, covered it with a tented roof and added a southwest-facing facade. He placed a graceful ridge turret on top. The church was painted in 1755 and then restored between 1908 and 1911. The damage caused by World War II was permanently rectified during the 1962-1963 restoration. Exposing the earlier church’s walls and applying a protective coating to the exposed parts means that the former church’s form is discernible. The Calvary statue group is the work of Antal Schweiger. The area is currently under renovation.
Address: Kálvária-domb (Calvary Hill)
Further information: +36 34/588-163

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