Virgin Mary Church

The monumental church built around 1760 was extended in 1847. The tower’s steeple was rebuilt in its original form during restoration in 1964. The church’s ornaments include the “presentation of the Virgin Mary” altarpiece and the Baroque altar structure with twisted Corinthian columns, cornice, curved pediment and wavy, acanthus leaf wing decoration.  Next to the altarpiece, there are two kneeling sculptures of two Hungarian saints, which were probably carved at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. Below each of them, there are altar cards in gilded Rococo wooden frames made around 1780. The chancel arch’s Heart of Jesus picture was painted by Gusztáv Hargitai, a former teacher and headmaster in the village. Zoltán Závory painted the “Angelic Greeting and “Coronation of Mary” murals in the sanctuary as well as the symbols of the sacraments on the ceiling . The enamelled station pictures of the Way of the Cross were made by Anett Tilinger.  

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