Holy Spirit Church

The mass was held in the school – in default of a church – for the Hungarian settlers who arrived in 1938 from Csanád County. József Lőre appointed in 1943 to be the priest of the municipality known as Pünkösdvásár, then Őrcsütörtök, and finally as Várbalog started to build a church. He started to build the foundations of the church from the price of a motorcycle that he acquired from Austria. His descendants continued the construction which the residents were active participants of as volunteers and many persons gave donations and purchased tenders for construction.
The church was built on the basis of the designs of Pál Horváth with the congregation’s cooperation and many years of work. The altar and the wrought iron entrance were designed by József Maros. The unusually large Neo-Roman church having a surface area of 524 square metres was sanctified by Norbert Legányi, the archabbot of Pannonhalma in October 1959.

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