Saint Martin’s Church

The church of three naves was already there in 1802. The painted altarpiece of Joseph Schmidt made in 1799 depicts Saint Martin as he shares his robe with a beggar. The two sides of the sanctuary’s mural depict the kneeling King St. Stephen and Prince St. Emeric. An accented element of the altar is an ark of the covenant with two angel statues and the tabernacle under a canopy. The relief depicting Abraham in process of sacrificing his son is seen on its door. The walls of the side aisles are decorated by two former altarpieces: the Immaculate Virgin on the left (the 1856 artwork of Frigyes Kriehuber), and Saint Villebald on the right (the 1841 artwork of Joseph Schöfft). Under the latter is a copy of the statue of Virgin Mary of Csíksomlyó. The four Lutherans of the statues of the dismantled pulpit were placed on the wall of the church. The ceiling piece of the nave is a unique artwork. The painting depicts Mary’s assumption into heaven in such a way that the sleeping Virgin Mother is raised to heaven by an army of angels while close observers could notice behind the mother’s lying and fainted body the loving face of Jesus watching over the event. The paintings of the stations of the cross were made by Károly Borbély in 2004.

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