St Lawrence’s Church

The first half of the church was erected by the Márcfalu Augustinian monks after they received land in 1358 on the outskirts of Nemeskér. The building was used by the Evangelical congregation from the mid-16th century until 1732. Catholic worshippers expanded the church when they regained it: the nave was extended, and a new sanctuary was added. There is a chronogram in Latin running along the exterior wall, commemorating the expansion works on the church. Specific letters in this chronogram, in a different style and colour, can be interpreted as numerals and stand for the date of the church’s expansion, 1760. The 18thcentury high altar image of St Ladislaus depicts the knight king bringing forth water. The statues of St Stephen and St Emeric next to the picture are valuable Baroque works. The painting of the Three Kings on the north wall may have been the old altarpiece. Beneath the canopy on the south wall, there is a statue of Mary, with a sceptre in her hand and the baby Jesus on her arm; they are both wearing a crown. There is a very old organ in the choir. A secco left from the Evangelical period, depicting Moses holding stone tablets, was found underneath the plaster of the wall in front of the choir. Below this, there is a marble slab in Latin from 1759, which describes the process and protagonists in the recatholisation of Nemeskér.

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