Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross

The three-towered church defining the landscape of the village is unique and rare, a county relic belonging to the Győr-Moson-Sopron County Depository; it is the centre of the local Catholic life. The nave of the Baroque church was caused to be built by Ferenc Zichy, the bishop of Győr, in 1767. Bishop János Zalka (whose coat of arms can be seen above the entrance) had the tower made higher in 1867 and the building extended by side naves at the edges of which two smaller towers were erected. There are gable wings adorned by semi-circular frieze between the corner towers and the 46 metres high middle tower. Two nameplates commemorating the 140 victims of World War I are placed on the façade. The carved benches, the elaborately decorated altarpiece and the pulpit adorned by the figure of Saint Paul are 18th-century pieces. The altarpiece depicting “the Finding of the Holy Cross” was made by Ludwig Beyfuss in 1855. The church was painted in 1928 by József Pandúr and Antal Borsa, while the ceiling picture is a piece by István Takács made in 1962-63.

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