St George’s Church

The church was built in 1870 and then rebuilt in 1981 when huge stained-glass windows replaced the former small openings. The altarpiece depicting St George was also replaced with a stained-glass image at that time. The frescoes on the walls and ceiling were also whitewashed then as there was insufficient money to restore them. One of the church’s ornament’s is the 17th-century Pietà statue. What is interesting about the metre-high raw wooden carving is that it depicts Our Lady of Sorrows as a skinny, broad-nosed peasant woman clothed as a nun. The statue was also displayed at the Hungary’s Millennium Ecclesiastical Exhibition in the Vatican. The statue of St George erected on the church square in 1998 was created by Jenő Kovács. The work was commissioned by the retired bishop Gáspár Ladocs, who was born in the village. In 2003, he also consecrated a small place of worship, which Mrs László Simon had erected at the end of the intersection of two roads at the end of her garden as thanks for her family surviving its sea of troubles and difficulties.

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