Saint Andrew’s Church

The first church known from charters was sanctified in 1379. Saint Andrew is the eponym for both that and the present-day Catholic church built in 1717. However, its feast is celebrated on the name day of the Virgin Mary. The change of patron saints is also traceable in the sanctuary. The original Saint Andrew picture of the Baroque altarpiece was placed on the side wall, and it was replaced by a rare portrayal of Mary. The change of pictures probably happened in 1905. The new altarpiece was painted at this time by Ottó Baditz, which includes the Virgin Mary wearing the Holy Crown of Hungary but our celestial patroness welcomes the baby Jesus greeting her with a huge bouquet not in the remote heights above but standing on the ground. There are statues of Saint Stephen and Saint Ladislaus standing next to the unique painting with a picture of the Trinity above between two bishop statues. A painting made in 1778 hangs on the side wall of the sanctuary depicting Mary and the Infant surrounded by putto, flowers, doves and quotes from the litany. The closing of the Latin prayers ask for the protection of Hungary. A prayer for the smaller parish can be read on the church bell which was cast in 1925: “Our Lord, may the infant Jesus watch over the village!”.

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