Saint Albert’s and Saint Stephen’s Church (Albertkázmérpuszta)

Archduke Friedrich and his wife, Isabella had the church built in 1897, thanking God that a boy (Alrecht) was born in the family at last – after eight girls born previously. The patron saints of the Austrian and Hungarian nations, the statues of Leopold and Stephen stand on the altar of the beautiful church built in Neo-Gothic style following the sample of the Votivkirche in Vienna. The happy parents did not forget about the patron saint of the male heir: therefore, the figure of Saint Albert the Great, a 13th-century scientist, monk and bishop, was painted on one of the glass windows.
The municipality next to the Austrian border was totally ruined after World War II, at the time of the Iron Curtain. The church was renovated by the local enterprises 45 years later and it was sanctified in 1991 by Lajos Pápai, the diocesan bishop of Győr.
The church is a county relic belonging to the Győr-Moson-Sopron County Depository.

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