St Stephen the King Church

The settlement was already mentioned under the name of Endréd in a 1348 charter. Its old church burnt down several times, its tower was struck by lightning and by 1893, it was in such bad condition that it had to be demolished.
The present one-naved church with one tower was built in neo-Romanesque style and was consecrated on 20 August 1908 by Count Miklós Széchenyi, ordained Bishop of Győr County. Its interior furnishings (the carved altars, pulpit, baptismal font, candlestick, holy grave, mass-book holders and pews) were made in the workshop of Győr sculptor Márton Kelemen. The windows of the sanctuary are adorned with glass images of St Ladislaus and St Emeric. The paintings on the walls are by József Samodai. Its tower houses three bells. The small 90-kg bell was made in 1863 in Frigyes Seltenhofer’s Sopron workshop. In 1922, the “A”-toned, 416-kg great bell was also cast in Sopron, whereas the 220-kg bell, consecrated in 2007, was produced by Titusz Farkas of Monor.

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