St Nicholas’s Church

Canon Mihály Wagnor, arriving to consecrate the church on 25 June 1939, was welcomed at the edge of the village by a procession of horse riders and a group of cyclists. The canon’s response to this welcome was to stress that “this small church means as much in local terms as a cathedral in the city rising to the sky”. The church was built according to the plans of Vince Schiel from Győr. There is an old stone cross on one side of its facade and a missionary wooden cross on the other while a statue of St Stephen the King stands above the entrance. Inside, there are paintings from unknown artists on the side wall of the nave: from the left, a copy of the painting of the Weeping Virgin Mary from Győr, from the right an unusual representation of St Joseph. The picture, which arrived in Sobor in 1968, depicts the young Jesus looking at his foster-father with eyes wide open as he is carrying him securely with his worker’s hands while between them there is a small crucifix, as a prevision of Jesus’s cross. The altarpiece depicting the triumph of St Michael over Satan is a marvellous copy of Hubert Maurer’s painting.

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