St Nicholas Greek Catholic (Serbian) Church

Following the recapture of the Győr castle from the Turks (1598), the fleeing Serbs were allowed to settle in Újváros. There was already a church standing on the site of today’s church in 1703; this was converted in 1727 by the Serbian community into an orthodox church with a variety of stylistic features. As the Serbian population slowly “disappeared” from the city, the Serbian church stood alone for a long time. In 1997, the Serbian Orthodox Church gave the restored church together with its rectory building to the Győr Greek Catholic Congregation for permanent use.

One special feature of the buttressed church is its Late-Baroque-framed iconostasis and Late-Baroque-style row of pews. The iconostasis, together with its furniture, is a Late-Baroque work in which the Orthodox way of expression is uniquely blended with contemporary Central and Western European styles. The onion-domed tower stands in front of the beautifully arched facade. Instead of the former Baroque gate, the scheme-arched gate opening is filled with a modern, double-leaf iron gate. Old Serbian gravestones can be seen in the churchyard.

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