St Michael’s Church

Records show that there was already a chapel here in the first half of the 13th century. The predecessor of today’s building was probably erected in 1397. The recesses on the church’s facade contain stone statues of St Florian and St Wendel in Swiss costume. The wrought-iron cross next to the church formerly stood in the old cemetery and, according to tradition, dates back to the 14th century. The sanctuary wall is adorned with a 19th-century image of Christ. The rich altar structure boasts a picture of St Michael fighting Evil between gilded statues of St Stephen and St Ladislaus. The wooden statues of the St John of Nepomuk altar represent the symbols of Faith, Love and Hope. On the other side altar, there is a copy of the Tearful Mary picture in Győr Cathedral. The octagonal, Gothic baptismal fountain is made of red marble and decorated with Hungary’s national coat-of-arms and the Héderváry coat-of-arms. According to art historians, the inscription “Anno Domini 1031’ does not refer to its year of production. The sanctuary wall is decorated with a memorial to the victims of the First and Second World Wars.

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