St Martin’s Church

The village's old parish church probably stood on the cemetery hill. It was recorded in 1616 that the city of Sopron, by virtue of its patronage, permitted both denominations to attend Mass in St Martin's Church. Church visit records from the 17th century mention that pilgrims came to Mary's statue on important holy days and that there were three altars in the church. The parish history reports the cemetery hill church was demolished in 1795 and rebuilt in the centre of the village, where it still stands today. The single-naved, Classicist-style church with a floor space of just 142 m2 boasts an altar with a statue of Bishop St Martin. Behind it, on the sanctuary wall, there is a painting with scenes from the life of St Martin. The nave's fresco depicts the Visitation of Our Lady Church on the outskirts of the village and its devotional statue.

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