St Martin’s Church

In the Árpád Era, the inhabitants of the settlement were the fish suppliers to the Moson royal court. It became a market town in 1550. The late-Baroque church dedicated to St Martin was built in 1777 at the behest of Archduchess Mary Christina. The church is the largest in the Szigetköz in terms of floor area. Its high altar features a painting by Maulbertsch’s disciples, a composition depicting the wonders of St Martin. There are statues of St Florian and St Leopold on either side of the altar. The sanctuary windows depict St Stephen and St Emeric. The pulpit is carved in Rococo style. The Chapel of St John of Nepomuk near the Moson-Danube bridge was built in 1895. The inhabitants of the small village of Arak, which belonged to Halászi until 1934, when it became independent, built their church dedicated in honour of St Teresa of Lisieux in 1937 through community service.

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