St Joseph’s Church

As the village grew in the 19th century, it became increasingly urgent to build a new church instead of the small church on the outskirts of the village. Plans for the new church were completed by May 1914, but construction did not begin then because of World War I. Following the war, the village’s parish priest continued to push for the church’s construction.  In the summer of 1929, work began to grace the village with a bright, spacious neo-Gothic house of God with a tall tower, based on Károly Pavlovics’s plans. The organ was made by Otto Rieger’s company in Budapest while the glass windows depicting the saints were also produced in a Budapest workshop. The altar and the Stations of the Cross pictures are the work of János Heckenast. The benches were made by János Igali, a local carpenter. The church was consecrated in 1930 by Dr Jusztinián Serédi, Archbishop of Esztergom and prince primate.

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