St Emeric’s Church

The original medieval church was damaged in 1683 during the Turkish ravages. The date of 1837 on the stone-framed door marks the year of its restoration. The Romanesque sanctuary dates back to the 13th century whereas its Baroque nave and tower are from the 18th century. The pulpit and the side altars are also 18th century works. To be more precise, the latter were created around 1770. The 19th-century organ probably came from the Sopron Dominican Church. Ebergőc has a number of statues in public places, including the Pietà column with vine motifs (on the road leading to the cemetery), the cross with the Virgin Mary in front of the church from 1798, the statue of Mary with the baby Jesus, a copy of the Eisenstadt devotional statue, also in front of the church, from 1810-1820.

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