St Anthony’s Chapel (Esterházy Castle)

The chapel was primarily used by the ducal family; however, until Eszterháza had its own ministry, the villagers also attended holy mass here. The chapel is located in the castle’s main building. It is accessible from the courtyard, the duke’s apartments and the royal tract. The oval, marble-wainscoted hall is connected to galleries both on the first floor and on the ground floor.
The ceiling fresco created by Joseph Ignatz Mildorfer depicts St Stephen offering the country to the Virgin Mary. The stucco frames were designed by Johann Michael Reiff. The original altarpiece, destroyed around 1945, depicted St Anthony of Padua. The current altarpiece immortalises Jesus’s heavenly mission and is the work of Felix Leicher. The sacristy and organ room open from the ground floor, while the ducal oratory and choir are on the first floor. The chapel can be visited during the castle’s opening hours.

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