St Anne’s (Hungarian Spital) Church

György Széchenyi, Bishop of Győr, established a foundation in 1666 to create and maintain homes for elderly Hungarian citizens. The Hungarian Spital Church was built near this in 1735. It was designed by Márton Wittwer, a Carmelite monk. The Baroque church tower was not built onto the facade, rather next to the sanctuary. The church was originally built in honour of St Elisabeth, but St Anne’s picture took its place on the high altar later. St Joseph stands on the left-hand side of the picture while a gilded wooden statue of St Joachim stands on the right. Angels stand at the top of the outer columns of the altar’s superstructure, there are seated statues of the Son of God and God the Father on the inner chapiters while the symbol of the Holy Spirit (statue of a dove) can be found in front of the round window’s stained glass. The side altar’s picture of St Elisabeth, painted around 1740, is flanked on its two sides by gilded wooden statues of St John of Nepomuk and Bishop St Nicholas. There is an oil painting depicting St Martin on the upper part of the altar; below this, there is a glass cabinet containing a statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague.

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