St Anne’s Church

The small Baroque church was built in 1718 after the previous castle chapel and wooden church. István Hany, a child found in the Hanság (a bogland), who had grown up in the wild, was baptised here in 1749. The central part of today's church was built in 1808 in neo-Classical style. After a fire in 1843, it was extended with two side-aisles, its coffered ceiling was replaced by huge domes and its tower was increased in height. The eclectic building thus became one of the most beautiful and largest churches in the Rábazöz. The high altarpiece depicting St Anne, Joachim and Mary, created in Vienna in 1821, is the work of Carol Petrus Goebel. The sanctuary wall fresco, the work of Gyula Thury, shows St Stephen offering the crown to Mary. The church's other frescoes are the works of Kózsef Samodai and Zoltán Závory. An angelic choir in Kapuvár folk costume is painted on the ceiling of the organ gallery. The church boasts a Lourdes cave in the right-hand nave and a sarcophagus altar in the left-hand nave, which was completed in 1989.

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