St Andrew’s Church

(Ásvány) The former church of the part of the village called Ásvány was destroyed by the Danube flooding at the end of the 17th century. Today’s church was built on the medieval foundations. The numbers engraved on the font (1658, 1721) record its years of construction. The church acquired its eclectic appearance with its expansion in 1904. The image of Saint Andrew is immortalised in the altarpiece and one of the glass windows. The latter is the work of Imre Asztrik Kákonyi, Franciscan monk and painter. The artist enriched the church with additional glass images and two large “textual” murals. One of the murals provides the backdrop for the 14th century sacrarium and a carved crucifix. The second mural is behind a late Gothic statue of Mary, “accompanied” by a quote from a poem by Bálint Balassi.

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