Small chapel and sacred monumental statues

The Small Chapel, built in 1714, originally stood on a six-metre-high, probably artificial, mound at the edge of the village next to the Balf road. When Kisrákosi Street was built, a fisherman named Kamper applied for a piece of land in 1936 to build his home. He received the permit on condition that he move the Small Chapel to the village, rebuild it there from carved stones and erect a new statue on its former site. There is a statue of the Virgin Mary in the recess closed with a grille. Also known as the Fisherman’s Chapel, the building’s facade features a stone cross as well as German text above its door.

Four of the village’s many public works are outstanding: the Holy Trinity erected after the Turkish defeat in Vienna in 1683, the St Sebastian from 1721, the statues of St John of Nepomuk and St Michael erected in 1731 and 1643, respectively.

There is a statue of St Donat standing on a four-metre-high column on Kovács Hill.

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