Chapel of the Visitation of Our Lady

According to one legend connected to the history of the chapel, those injured in battles with the Turks as well as other sick people were healed by the water from the spring here. Other legends have it that a fisherman found a linden statue depicting Mary and the baby Jesus and a soldier found a picture of Mary at the spring. These were placed in the Protestant church around 1540, they were then housed in a cabin and eventually placed in the chapel built above the spring. The chapel burned down in 1873, but the picture and the small carved statue remained intact. The chapel was rebuilt in neo-Romanesque style in 1874 with the devotional statue of Mary holding a queen’s mace and an orb in Jesus’s hands; both are adorned with crowns. The spring water under the stone-slab-paved sanctuary was directed to a well outside the chapel. Besides the devotional statue, the six stained-glass windows and the Masa Feszty picture depicting the meeting of Mary and Elizabeth are worthy of attention.
The Holy Well and the devotional statue attract thousands of pilgrims every year. The devotional chapel is part of the Győr-Moson-Sopron County Values Depository.

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