Reformed Church

The Győr Reformed congregation bought the Újváros “Red Ox” inn in 1784 and then measured out the place where that year they built their towerless church opening onto a courtyard. The congregation used this church until the construction of the current church. The present rectory was completed on the site of the inn in 1863. In 1901, the consistory decided to establish a new church. The archaic, neo-Gothic church was built in 1905-1906 based on the plans of Károly Csányi (modelled on the Reformed church in Brasov, since demolished). The Star of Bethlehem, which leads to Jesus, on the tower’s needle-pointed steeple can be seen from afar. The rooster on the facade warns that nobody should deny Christ like Peter did. The church’s interior furnishings are uniform, and the monumental hall space is enriched with Gothic decoration. The Moses chair was made by Győr sculptor Martin Kelemen.

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