Queen of the Rosary Church

The village's church was built in 1958 on the initiative of parish priest Sándor Markos, on the site of the old bell tower in an oak grove. The church's pews, which was built within one year by the donations and cooperation of the worshippers, were made from wood from the grove. The church's altarpiece, framed by simple, unadorned surfaces both inside and out, depicts Mary holding the baby Jesus in her lap as she hands the rosary to St Dominic and St Catherine of Siena. The public sacral sights of Kisbajcs include the Mary statue niche standing between two chestnut trees on the banks of the Kenderáztató (Retting pond) and the Jókai Street picture column, with a crucifix in its recess. The memorial park and rest area established near the cemetery in 2010 bears the name of the parish priest who had the church built.

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