Public sculptures and the Endrédy exhibition

There is a statue of the Our Lady of the Sorrows created in 1930 next to the church while a group of three statues (Mary, St Stephen and St Emeric) have stood in the southern part of the village since 1884. Based on the festooned ornamentation of its pillar, the Holy Trinity statue located near the Highway 85 intersection may be a late-18th-century work. Also next to the main road is a Wolfinger Cross (a crucifix with a statue of the Virgin Mary and St John next to it) created in 1869.
The village is the birthplace of Kálmán Hadarics (1895-1981), who was Abbot of Zirc from 1939 with the monastic name of Wendel Endrédy. He is associated with the renewal of the Hungarian Cistercian order and its spiritual, intellectual and economic revival. He hid many persecuted people at the end of World War II and received 500 nuns into the Zirc convent at the time of the dissolution of the monastic orders. He was arrested in 1950 and, after eight months of inhuman torture, was sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment. An exhibition in his memory is displayed in the Fertőndréd parsonage

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