Our Lady of the Visitation Church

One of the village of Bodonhely’s places of interest that should be mentioned first is the Catholic church dedicated to our Lady of the Visitation. The late Baroque building has a squat tower that probably served as a watchtower at the time of the battles with the Turks. Legend has it that a tunnel connected it to Pannonhalma. The tower’s third level and roof are the best articulated. Here you can see stone-framed, semi-circular windows and Tuscan half-pillars topped with steeples. Inside the church, a chronostichon triumphal arch stands in front of the sanctuary, whose Latin text dates back to 1789, the year of the church’s construction. The statues standing on the sanctuary’s Baroque high altar are of St Catherine and St Barbara. The Classicist altarpiece is a painting depicting the encounter between Mary and Elizabeth. The Baroque pulpit’s relief shows the gospel parable of the “sower”. There are also two pictures of the Holy Family and St Peter the Martyr on the side altar.

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