Our Lady of the Snows Church

The village’s first church was built in 1600. The current church was built in 1720 by Countess Teresa Viczay. The originally Baroque church has been modified slightly since then. There are statues of St Peter and St Paul on the two sides of the altar edifice. The large altarpiece depicts the former patron saint of the church, St Barbara. Above it, there is a painting of our Blessed Lady of the Snows. The ceiling frescoes depict biblical scenes: Jesus’s baptism, Jesus walking on the water and the miraculous draught of fish. The paintings on the choir’s balustrade depict the Basilica of Esztergom and the Basilica of Győr. The tower houses a tolling-bell as well as an “A” toned and a “C sharp” toned bell. There is a statue of Mary in a cave chapel in the park in front of the church, where the 14 stations of the Way of the Cross were also built in 2006.

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