All Saints’ Church

The first known church of the municipality is mentioned in a charter dated in 1268. The construction of the current Baroque church having a surface area of 162 square metres started in 1658. The wooden tower fell down in 1906 due to a lightning. There have been 3 bells in the new brick tower since 1928. The “Queen of the World” statue depicting Mary sitting on the throne was placed in the light above the entrance of the sacristy in 1721. The Our Lady of Lourdes statue, as well as the Heart of Jesus and the Holy Heart of Mary statues were donated to the church in 1891. The sanctuary’s All Saints’ altarpiece was made in 1799, and the organ was manufactured in 1914. The inside of the church took its current shape in the 1950s, when the present-day murals and stained glass windows were also created.

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