Holy Trinity Church

It was documented in the 14th century as St George’s Church, but in 1700, only its walls were mentioned. It was rebuilt in 1712 in Baroque style and extended in 1757 with two side aisles. An interesting feature of the tower is the four angel statues at the corners of the steeple.
The rimmed Rococo high altar was made around 1750 and boasts a double pedestal. There is a Baroque statue depicting four saints between the Corinthian columns. A statue of St George stands above the three-piece cornice. On its pediment, angels are holding the Niczky family’s coat-of-arms. The high altar’s lower picture depicts the Holy Trinity and the crowning of the Virgin Mary as she is received into heaven while the upper one depicts St Michael triumphing over Satan. The side altar is decorated with nine Baroque statues dating from 1760. The marble baptismal font and the Rococo carving above it date from around 1750. The Rococo Easter candelabra also dates from this time.
The sweeping frescoes reminiscent of Baroque style and the images of the copper-embossed station series were created at the beginning of the 20th century. There is a rock chapel in the church as well as some old armoried tombs.

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