Lutheran Church

The history of the Lutheran congregation in Tét goes back to the mid-1500s. A church with wattle-and-daub walls stood in the centre of the village, but burnt down in 1774 (a stumpy stone tower was erected in its place in 1800, which was converted in 1835 into today’s tall bell tower. The present Baroque church was built on a new site, with the permission of Maria Theresa. Larch piles were hammered into the ground to reinforce its foundations. The foundation stone was laid in in 1778 and construction was completed in 1780. Lutherans from Győr also travelled here to attend mass until their church was constructed in 1785. The church’s interior has an unusual layout, as the altar and the pulpit are situated on the longitudinal wall. The red marble baptismal font was made in 1868 while the organ was built in 1910. The coat-of-arms which can be seen at the beginning of the pews is in honour of the Zmeskál family who worked for the congregation.

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