Church of the Nativity of Mary

The old church devastated by the Turks was rebuilt in 1760, then it was demolished in 1879.
The current house of worship was built based on the plans of Ferdinand Handler in Neogothic-Romantic style. The Mary statue standing under the canopy above the tabernacle of the alter has a legendary story: the parishioners of Vimpác in Sopron County built the church in 1496. The peasants working on the bank of the River Lajta found a beautiful Virgin Mary statue which they placed on the altar of the new church. The statue was taken by one of the commanders of the Turkish army retreating from Vienna in 1529. The pasha became seriously ill, he almost died when one of the Hungarian prisoners advised him to return the statue and he would recover. The statue was returned and the pasha recovered. Amazing recoveries also happened in Vimpác. A Minorite Cloister was also built in the shrine in 1587. When Emperor Joseph II dissolved the religious orders, Minorites were also forced to leave Vimpác, thus, the Mary statue was taken to Röjtök.

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