Church of St John the Baptist

The church was built in 1789 in Baroque style. The village’s patron at that time was Count Károly Khun-Héderváry. An earlier origin is probable, given that the church was already mentioned in the 1698 church attendance records. The building has been renovated several times over the years and was rebuilt due to the damage caused by the 1849 fire. The “Heroes’ bell” was cast and consecrated in 1934. It bears the name of the inhabitants of Öttevény who died in the great wars. In 1992, the congregation replaced one of the two bells that had been taken away in WWII in honour of the Lady of the Hungarians. The sanctuary wall fresco depicts John the Baptist as a child, with his elderly parents Zechariah and Elisabeth. The side altar is adorned with beautiful Baroque works, a painting depicting the Holy Family and a gilded wooden statue of the Evangelists Luke and Mark. The church has other precious treasures, such as the relic holder containing a piece of the skull bone of King St Ladislaus, the statue of St Anne and the Mother of Sorrows statue.

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