Calvary (chapel, crosses, stations)

Until the beginning of the 19th century only a wooden cross stood on the hill next to the village. The foundations of the calvary were laid on 17 October 1844. Three wooden crosses were mounted on the top of the hill at this time, on the northern side of which seven brick structure stations of the cross with painted icons were built. The wooden crosses were later replaced by stone crosses. The Mother of Sorrows Chapel behind them was sanctified on 08 September 1867. The bell which was cast in Győr was taken from its 12 metres high tower during the first world war. The building strengthened by sidewalls in 1887 and has been renovated several times since then. In 1903, Ágnes Walker, an artist from Győr, made oil paintings on tin for the stations. The Roman Catholic Parish of Pér renovated the chapel, the crosses and the stations in 2010.

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