Holy Trinity Church

The Baroque church built in 1754 was significantly expanded between 1939 and 1941 thanks to a donation from the Duke Eszterházy and was the hands-on work of the faithful. The old high altar was made around 1760, with only the tabernacle (sacrament) and two statues of archangels remaining today. Statues of Moses and Aaron sit on the balustrade of the Baroque pulpit. Between them is a relief depicting the Prophet Isiah with a child carrying a torch. The 18th-century baptismal font is an eight-sided ribbed basin on a high stand. There are 11 pairs of original, splendidly carved pews. “Wizscharkan” parish priest was engraved in German in 1777 among the floral and Rococo ornamentation of the pacifical (hand-cross) used during the services (which may refer to the location of the village next to marsh and water). The bell holder on the wall next to the sacristy dates from 1759, the oldest bell is inscribed with “Bécsújhely 1763”.

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