Holy Cross Exaltation Church (Eszterháza)

(Eszterháza) For centuries, Eszterháza was a village without its own, independent ministry; worshippers attended Mass in the Esterházy Castle Chapel. The village’s Holy Cross Exaltation Church was consecrated on 2 June 1985. The modern building was designed by István Szabó, Ferenc Bán and László Bihary. Its interior designer was Kristóf Asbóth. The church boasts roomy, bright interior spaces. Its high altarpiece is the “Eszterházi Golgata”, created by painter Erzsébet Udvardi. The Stations of the Way of the Cross pictures on wooden panels are also her work. One of the side altars chronicles the birth of Jesus with the Three Kings paying homage, the other resurrection with the adoration of St Thomas. The church’s organ was built by Péter Takács in 2008. The Holy Family statue in the park in front of the church was created in 1740.

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