Holy Cross Exaltation Church

Construction of the church began in 1808 but was abandoned due to the Napoleonic war and the works were only completed in 1828. The painting entitled Exaltation of the Holy Cross on the main altar is the work of Ignatius Maurer of Sopron. The Rococo baptismal font’s supporting pillar is a wooden statue depicting an Saracen child. The Baroque organ was rebuilt in 1845 by the Tüskevár master craftsman Alajos Dallos. The painting of the Immaculate Conception on the side-altar was created in 1883 by János Krausz of Sopron. The frescoes on the apse’s vaulting were restored in 1981 by Zoltán Závory of Szilsárkány. The village weavers’ flag from 1838 is preserved in the Kapuvár Museum: one side depicts Saint Catherine and the other the insignia of the crucifix and the weavers’ symbol (three shuttles). The original famous flagpole, however, which is adorned with dozens of inscriptions and crowned copper shields of the masters and apprentices of “Répcsezemere’s honest, native guild of weavers”, is still in the church today.

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