Heart of Jesus Church

The parish church of the village established from Danube island settlements formerly belonging to Doborgaz, Keszölcés, Vajka and Süly was built in 1940. The tower was built in the 1960s and its steeple in 1982. The church’s furnishings also benefitted from donations from the capital. The pews brought from the Church of St Anthony of Padua in the Zugló district were cut to size by local carpenter, Mihály Szelle. The statue of Jesus also came from Budapest, by favour of priest and poet László Timaffy (1888-1972) who came from the village. Other sacral points of interest in the village include crosses and the Nagysziget Mary Chapel. Dunasziget celebrates three saint’s days each year, St Stephen, the patron saint of Dobrogaz, St Rosalia, the patron saint of Sérfenyő, and St Nicholas, the patron saint of Cikola. All three saints appear on the church’s stained-glass windows designed by Asztrik Kákonyi. 

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