Lutheran Church

The parliament of 1681 in the parish of Sopron allowed the Protestans to practise their religion only in two municipalities, Nemeskér and Vadosfa. From that moment on the Lutheran congregation went to church from Vásárosfalu to Vadosfa, and to Beled as of 1827. The Lutheran school in Vásárosfalu built in 1874 was used as a church on holidays. A belfry was also placed in front of the building. The inscription on the larger bell says: “Caused to be cast by the Lutheran congregation of Vásárosfalu by way of public donation to pay tribute to the Lutheran heroes who died in the world war.” The inscription on the smaller one says: „Erected by János Mátis and his wife Terézia Edvi in 1921 in memory of their son named Gyula who died bravely.” The Lutheran church of Vásárosfalu was built in the place of the demolished chapel on the basis of the designs of Dávid Józsa. The modern church was taken over by the congregation in 2019.

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