Lutheran Church

Rajka already had a Lutheran church in the 17th century which was destroyed during the Turkish invasion of Vienna. At the time of the Counter-Reformation the Lutherans were not allowed to build churches therefore the congregation of Rajka was left without a church. With the weakening of religious persecution the designated articular settlements could build churches but only in remote locations, without towers, and the entrance could not open on the street. The church was built in Baroque style in 1784 after the patent on freedom of worship issued by Joseph II, which is also confirmed by the tablet with Gothic script on the façade. The altar, the pulpit and the baptismal font are end-of-the-18th century pieces in Louis XVI style. In the middle of the 19th century an inner gallery was added to the church, the supporting fixtures, banisters of which are a rarity. The somewhat extraneous tower attached to the church was built in 1923.

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