Evangelical Church

Felpéc was a tithe-paying parish in the Middle Ages, in which the Lutheran Reformation was firmly implanted by the middle of the 16th century. The village was ravaged by the Turks at the end of the 16th century, after which documents mention it as a devastated village. It was rebuilt in the 1620s. The first Lutheran church was built in 1630. In 1749, worshippers from a large area congregated here when they abolished the Győr Evangelical Church. In 1752, the Felpéc congregation applied to the county for permission to extend the church. However, construction only began 24 years later, in 1776. The church was consecrated in 1777 whereas the tower was built in 1794. The church was restored following a fire in 1812 while the tower, a corniced clocktower, was rebuilt in 1819. The church has a flat-ceilinged, balconied nave, and its flat-roofed sanctuary features a 19th-century pulpit altar. The altarpiece depicts Christ praying on the Mount of Olives. The red marble baptismal font dates from 1905, the organ from 1910.

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