Evangelical Church

There has been an Evangelical parent congregation in Beled since the end of the 16th century. For a long time, this was a simple, thatched prayer house without a tower. The current church was consecrated on 20 August 1806. The altar was added in 1835 as well as an organ in 1842. The tragic fire of 1859 destroyed the church as well as the school’s roof, which was replaced with wooden shingles. The church was renovated in 1932, receiving a new organ while the altar gained an image created by the art teacher, Imre Oppel. The title of the altarpiece is Jesus, the Good Shepherd. One of the stained-glass windows depicts Luther’s rose, the other a baptismal jug. On the latter, there is a scriptural quotation as well as three dates: 1517 – the start of the Reformation, 1806 – the year the church was built, and 2018 – the year the window’s image was created.

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