Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Baroque church built in 1753 was later rebuilt in a Romanticist style. Its facade is endowed with a two-stage steepled tower. Its flat-ceilinged nave is separated from the sanctuary by a chancel arch. The sanctuary’s rear wall is covered with a fresco imitating a neo-Gothic altar structure. In the middle of the work created by the Austrian painter Flösch, there is an image depicting the encounter between Mary and Elizabeth, while St Benedict and St Martin stand on the two sides. Of particular note among the church’s treasures are the Stations of the Cross, the modern organ, the ornately carved baptismal font and the ceiling fresco symbolising God the Father.
There is a Baroque statue of St John of Nepomuk from 1780, a stone cross and a monument to the Holy Crown.

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