Church of the Virgin Mary

The one-naved, late Baroque church was built in 1794. According to the Latin stone sign mounted in the wall, it was renovated in 1844 when it also gained a tower and Classicist facade. All the work was carried out at the expense of József Horvátheghi Horváth (who died in 1859 and whose grave can be seen in the cemetery). The altarpiece, the 12-year-old Jesus in the temple, is a late work of István Dorfmeister. The multi-part painting covering the sanctuary wall was created by Zoltán Závory in 1975: at the top, a representation of the Trinity between two angels; on one side, the presentation of the 40-day-old Jesus in the temple; on the other side, the miraculous multiplication of the loaves; the figures of the Prophet Isaiah and Matthew the Evangelist can be seen on the two edges of the composition.

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