Church of the Nativity of St John the Baptist (Mosonszentjános)

The Baroque church was built in 1769 at the behest of the Archduchess Maria Christina and her husband Albert Casimir, Elector of Saxony . The church is adorned with a pulpit boasting a relief of the Good Shepherd, late-Baroque benches as well as lovely statues and altars. The high altarpiece depicts the baptism of Jesus. The votive image, which, according to its German inscription “was created by the Szentjános market town on 1 June 1765, in honour of the miraculous Kiscell Mary and the patron saints of herdsmen, St Wendel and St Leonard”, is particularly interesting. The lower part of the work shows the creatures in need of protection, behind them the silhouette of heavenly patronage, the two saints in the middle, and the Kiscell devotional picture above. The ceiling’s frescos, which depict the Last Judgement, the Sermon on the Mount, the Assumption of Mary, the Evangelists and musical angels, were created in 1928. The names of the stations on the Way of the Cross are in German. Marble plaques in Hungarian and German on the church’s wall commemorate the Mosonszentjános victims of the two world wars and the 1946 deportation. There is a Baroque statue of St John of Nepomuk in front of the church.

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