Church of the Annunciation

The canon-priest György Farkas had the present church built in 1777 to replace the old thatched wooden church. The Szombathely canon János Dugovits had the tower with its clock and bells erected in 1789. The Baroque altar and pulpit were made around 1780. The altarpiece depicts the scene of the Annunciation (Angel Gabriel and the Virgin of Nazareth), while the pulpit features a statue of the Good Shepherd and a relief depicting the host and chalice and an anchor. The Statue of Mary holding the child Jesus in her arms is also a Baroque work. The front of the free-standing limestone altar is embellished with a relief of the feeding of the 5,000, while the ambo is decorated with a cross and dove relief. Glass images of St Stephen and St Elisabeth can be seen in the windows. After his retirement, Géza Szüllő, one of the leaders of the Hungarians living in the former Upper Hungary (now Slovakia) between the two world wars, lived in Kisfalud and lies at rest in the village's cemetery; he left his house to the parish. There is a stone cross from 1816 in front of the church and a statue of Mary in its churchyard.

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