Church of St Peter and St Paul

Built in Late-Baroque style based on the plans of Jakab Fellner, the church was consecrated in 1795. The altarpiece, painted in 1796, depicts the meeting of the apostles St Peter and St Paul. Baroque statues of the kings St Stephen and St Ladislaus stand next to it. The pulpit, with the Good Shepherd on its sounding board and a relief of the Sower on its side, is a valuable work. The neo-Classical facade is a result of the 1878-80 renovation. A Latin plaque commemorating the renovation was added above the entrance. And when the church tower was renovated in 2004, a blessing for posterity from 1879 materialised.

The livelihoods, i.e. harbour, water mills, fishing and shipping, of the inhabitants of the community on the bank of the Danube have been provided by its great river for centuries. The pictures on the boatman’s flag, held in great esteem by the village, depict the guardians of those “travelling by water”. On one of the flag’s pictures, Jesus extends his hand to Peter, the sceptic who is almost immersed by the waves. The flag’s second picture depicts Bishop Nicholas as patron saint of sailors and children. A cheerful tradition is the end-of-winter mass when worshippers following the boatman’s flag circle the altar and put their donations in a basket. The money was once used to help ill boatmen and their widows and orphans.

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