Church of St Peter and St Paul

The village’s former church was built by the Hédérváry family; it was then renovated by György Széchényi, Archbishop of Esztergom, after its destruction during the Turkish era. On 1 September 1845, 40 houses in the village were destroyed by fire, along with the church. The current church was built between 1847 and 1849, according to the plans of János Lengerer. As a result of flooding in 1876, one part of the building that had subsided had to be demolished and new foundations and walls built. The church has been completely refurbished recently, gaining ornamental flag paving, while its surroundings have been covered with paving-stones. The building is in Classicist style. The Baroque pulpit came from the neighbouring Dunaszeg church. The paintings in the nave are 19th-century copies while the picture in the sanctuary was painted by Zsolt Malasits. The pews were made by Károly Schreiner, who also renovated the baptismal font in 1783. The church’s oldest bell was cast in 1740. The organ was produced by the Rieger factory in 1906.

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