Church of St Margaret of Antioch

The church acquired its present form with the reconstruction and expansion completed in 1794 thanks to the support of the Eszterházy family. The apse of the sanctuary and its thick walls, however, denote its medieval origin. The altarpiece, a valuable Baroque work depicting the torture of St Margaret of Antioch, probably came here from Szentmargitbánya near Lake Neusiedl. The baptismal font was made there as well. There is a statue of Moses on the pulpit’s abat-voix, while on its balustrade, there is a relief of the sermon on the mount. The gilded statue of Mary is a copy of the statue of Mary and Jesus in Kismarton. Károly Sterbenz painted the images on the ceiling in the 1950s: the four Evangelists, St Elizabeth of Hungary, St Ladislaus, the Swiss St Nicholas of Flüe and the Italian St Maria Goretti. The stained-glass windows designed by Zoltán Zoltory immortalise the 20th-century Hungarian pontiffs, Blessed Vilmos Apor, Áron Márton and József Mindszenty.

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